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Rain in the USA

Rain to give concert in United States next year
Singer Rain, who this year swept Japan, China and Southeast Asia, will make inroads into the U.S. market next year. He will give a solo concert on Feb. 2 at 8 p.m. at the New York Madison Square Garden Theater.

Rain staged his concert program entitled “Rainy Day” in Seoul, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, and finally received recognition for his talent beyond the Asian region. The New York Madison Square Garden is a renowned performance hall where every American artist aspires to perform at least once.

The U.S. MTV has shown great interest in Rain after he won the Grand Slam prize at the Asia MTV award ceremony, which was held last February in Thailand. In May, he received the Buzz Asia Korean Artist Award from MTV Video Music Award Japan, and in July was selected the Korean Artist of the Year by China’s CCTV-MTV Mandarin Music Honors 2005.

In September, Time magazine wrote in its Asian edition that Rain would become the first Korean star to advance to the U.S. market, while Harry Hui, CEO of Universal Asia, praised the singer as the first Asian artist to proudly be introduced to the U.S. market.

Rain’s agency, JYP Entertainment, said it has been flooded with inquiries from Korean-Americans about tickets to Rain’s concert in the United States as well as requests for coverage from Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese journalists. The sale of tickets to Rain’s concert will begin Dec. 19 on the U.S. ticket booking website Ticketmaster (

credits: KBS Global News

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