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my first post/video

This is my first video of A Love to Kill.. The second fanvid I have ever made. :)) Anyway, Your comment would be very much appreciated at my journal.Thanks in advance!
I can't tell you how I much enjoyed and loved I jukilnomui sarang.. :)
And spoiler if you haven't watched the whole show... (the end made me very sad and upset.. so I had to do something.. I made this video..)
Title: I jukilnomui sarang - A Love to Kill - fan video
Made by: fromyesterday
Music: Snow Patrol: Chasing Cars
Theme: Well, their love.. :) SPOILER WARNING - do not watch it if you haven't watched the whole show yet.
You have been warned..
Details: It's 4:28 long.. if you maybe want to have it then comment at my journal and I'll upload it somewhere..

(Click here to this fake cut for the video.)

Enjoy! :)
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