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Just wanted to introduce myself. Heh. summerloveremix gave me the link here, and yeah, thought I'd post. =) I'm a big fan of this show, obviously since I joined this community, and obviously I love kdramas and Bi. =) I've only seen up to 10 so far, 11-13 are still downloading and I have yet to get my hands on the raw of 14. =/ But yeah, definitely a good series, and I would write about what I think about so far, but I don't want to spoil stuff for other people. =/

Quick question though. Does anyone know how many episodes this show is supposed to be?
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Hi! Welcome ^^

I believe there'll be 16 eps.
hey, I'm currently downloading 10, cos I'm a loser like that XD
Whoa! Didn't know you posted. XD Sorry for being so late. Welcome
Yeah, I think here's supposed to be 16 total. I'm still on episode 10 myself so I got to get to downloading :P
my friend dled all already.. it's 16 in total...