ASH☆SHU (summerloveremix) wrote in ijuksa,

Community Open!

Hello everyone and welcome to the IJUKSA LJ Community. IJUKSA, or A Love To Kill began airing on October 31st and is a highly anticipated drama by fans of 비 and kdramas in genreal. For more information, you can look in either the info section of this community or travel over to the following websites: + Drama Wiki + KBS

Currently, D-Addicts is releasing RAW and HARDSUBBED versions. Subs are being completed by two subbing teams; the first from Chinese to English, and the second, Korean to English. Episodes 1-8 have been realeased and subbed.

Lee Soo Young - IJUKSA Opening Theme
The Theme song was sung by Lee Soo Young and I've uploaded it for your downloading pleasure. Enjoy! I hope this community will grow with fans of the drama!
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XD I can believe I'm hyper because of the fact that you created a Ijuksa comm. XD
Took the theme, cos I < 3 it. Thanks for upping ^^
Okay I think I might as well start watching this XD;
Do you know if there are any clubboxes with the hardsubbed version? o.o;;
Thanks, I'll try those!! :D I tried downloaded the raw a few days ago, and it didn't play on my computer for some reason :/
Could you re-upload the theme please?
omg can you please upload the opening theme for me? It's expired!